Network Members

Core members
Dr Ingolfur Blühdorn, University of Bath, author of Post-Ecologist Politics (Political Sociology and Environmental Politics)
Dr Benjamin Bühler, Centre for Literary and Cultural Research, Berlin, author of Vom Übertier (Cultural Studies)
Prof Anabela Carvalho, University of Minho, Portugal, author of Communicating Climate Change (Environmental Communication)
Professor Peter Davis, University of Newcastle, author of Museums and the Natural Environment (Eco-Museology)
Prof Steve Depoe, University of Cincinnati, editor of Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture (Environmental Communication)
Nils Lindahl Elliot, author of Mediating Nature: Environmentalism and Modern Culture (Environmental Education)
Dr Georgina Endfield, University of Nottingham, editor of journal Environmental History (Environmental History)
Paul Evans, Bath Spa University (Nature Writing and Broadcasting)
Prof Matthew Gandy, University College London (Cinema, Art and Environment)
Dr Greg Garrard, Bath Spa University, author of the Routledge New Critical Idiom series volume Ecocriticism (English and Ecocriticism)
Clare George, novelist (Creative Writing)
Prof Axel Goodbody, University of Bath, author of Nature, Technology and Cultural Change in 20th-Century German Literature (German Literature and ecocritical theory)
Prof Steven Hartman, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, director of Nordic Network for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies (American/ Comparative Literature)
Dr Helen Hughes, University of Surrey (Environmental Documentary Film)
Prof Bob Jickling, Lakehead University Ontario, editor of Canadian Journal of Environmental Education (Environmental Education)
Dr Adeline Johns-Putra, University of Exeter (English Literature)
Richard Kerridge, Bath Spa University, Member of Executive Board of Association for the Study of Literature and Environment, former chair of ASLE-UK (English Literature and Creative Writing)
Dr Tim Mays, University of Bath (Chemical Engineer and science communicator)
Dr Timo Müller, University of Augsburg (American/ English Literature)
Prof Tarla Rai Peterson, Texas A&M University, author of Communication and the Culture of Technology, Sharing the Earth, and Green Talk in the White House (Environmental Communication)
Dr Alan Reid, University of Bath, editor of journal Environmental Education Research (Education and Sustainability)
Dr Tom Roberts, Kingston Business School (Environmental Sociology)
Dr Michael Sauter, University of Augsburg (American/ English Literature)
Dr Joe Smith, Open University, author of The Daily Globe: Environmental Change, the Public and the Media (Environmental Broadcasting)
Prof Kate Soper, London Metropolitan University, author of What is Nature? (Philosophy)
Prof Andrew Stables, University of Bath (Philosophy of Education)
Dr Paul Stevens, Bournemouth University (Environmental Psychology)
Dr Arran Stibbe, University of Gloucestershire, Director of Language and Ecology Research Forum, editor of Journal Language and Ecology, author of The Handbook of Sustainable Literacy (Ecolinguistics)
Dr Bronislav Szerszynski, Lancaster University (Environmental Sociology)
Prof Laurence Talairach-Vielmas, University of Toulouse le Mirail, director of EXPLORA (English/ Museum curation)
Dr Frank Uekötter, Dilthey Fellow at the Research Institute of the Deutsches Museum in Munich, Deputy Director of Rachel Carson Centre Munich, author of The Age of Smoke (Environmental History)
Dr Lucy Veale, University of Nottingham, AHRC Landscape and Environment Programme Impact Fellowship Research Fellow (Environmental History/ Museum Studies)
Dr Kathryn Yusoff, University of Lancaster (Environmental Geography)

Invited speakers
Prof Ursula Heise, Stanford University, author of Sense of Place and Sense of Planet (English/ Modern Thought & Literature)
Prof Mike Hulme, University of East Anglia, Founding Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, author of Why We Disagree About Climate Change (Climatologist)
Liz Warren, Director and Project Manager, SE2 (Sustainable Energy Consultant)

Advisory Board
Dr Michael Bonnett, London Institute of Education (Environmental Education)
Prof Jens Newig, Neuphania University Lüneburg (Environmental Politics and Communication)
Prof Hubert Zapf, University of Augsburg (English literature and Cultural Theory)

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