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Workshop 2

 “The Cultural Framing of Climate Change and Species Loss” (27 Feb – 1 March 2011)

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Benjamin Bühler – Out of control. Fictions of the future in the discourse of political ecology

Ursula Heise – Lost Dogs, Last Birds, and Listed Species: Cultures of Extinction

Helen Hughes – Framing Humans and Wild Animals in the Environmental Documentary Film

Mike Hulme – Framing climate change in science and literature

Adeline Johns-­Putra – Climate Change in Literature

Nils Lindahl Elliot – Observing Wildlife in a Tropical Forest: the case of Barro Colorado Island

Joe Smith – Culture and Climate Change

Frank Uekoetter – Consigning Environmentalism to History?

Liz Warren – Commanding the Skylark: The UK’s Approach to Regulating Nature

Kathryn Yusoff – Cohabiting the Earth

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Posted on: December 8th, 2011

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